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Главная » Статьи » Тексты песен/Lyrics » Bitch! Don't Let Me Die (2015)

A Variation Of Elaine

Is she ready?
A variation of Elaine,
The waiting’s driving me insane,
I like her skin, but not her brain,
It’s how I like Elaine

Is it happy?
The variation of Shareese,
She has a nephew and a niece,
I signed the lease, but not Shareese,
She’s a fucking beast

I can’t get my head round modern girls,
What happened to the dresses and the pearls?
And I don’t mind getting a little dirty!
But you gotta be kidding me!

Is it ready?
A bigger version of Marie,
I’d like to have some more for free,
You’re watching me insert my key
Inside Marie

Now who am I gonna put my coins into?
I haven’t hint tonight,
And baby, I must be due,
And I don’t mind playing a little dirty,
And maybe I get lucky

Once in a while
They come with flaws,
And so I brush up on many laws,
My satisfaction should be guaranteed,
I got a warranty,
I sent her back to the factory,
She’ll come back to me in a couple of weeks
With a couple of tricks

Is she ready?
(I’m gonna…cause I’m gonna…)
Is she loose?
(…my mother too)
Is she a duck?
Is she a goose?
Is she ready?
Is she used?
Is she a duck?
Is she a goose?

Категория: Bitch! Don't Let Me Die (2015) | Добавил: Leelanders (10.10.2015) | Автор: Tyler Spencer
Просмотров: 87 | Рейтинг: 5.0/1
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